Project M.O.O.N.




Walter Mair



  • Main Theme
  • Ambience – Investigation
  • Ambience – Exploration
  • Ambience – Navigation (suspense)
  • Theme – Chrissy (piano)
  • Theme – Killer (dark)
  • Theme – Scott (positive)
  • Theme – Scott (dark)

About the project

Apocalypse. Stranded on a remote planet, a group of ‘friends’ get cut off from the outside world. One person gets killed, whom do you trust, whom do you help escape? The game challenges the players’ decisions, which ultimately affect the outcome of this dark adventure.

Walter wrote more than 90 minutes of music which were recorded at Air Studios (‘Interstellar’, ‘Harry Potter’). The soundtrack features additional live instruments that were tweaked with an array of effects and mixed with electronic sounds.

The title is currently in development and scheduled for release in 2022. Updates about the game and the live recording sessions will be uploaded to YouTube and Instagram.

Some Impressions