District 11


Ruiari Robinson


Jim Uhls


Weta Workshop


About the project

Developed by Jim Uhls who wrote the script for FIGHT CLUB, this epic sci-fi movie is currently in production and will see its theatrical release in late 2022. The picture provided is not the actual footage of the film but was made available from the short film ‚The Leviathan‘, which is also produced and directed by the Academy Award-Winning team behind ‚District 11‘. The post production team includes the stellar visual effects company WETA (Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones).

The soundtrack features an eclectic mix of live recorded instruments and an a broad selection of synths and electronics, treated with effects. The strings were recorded at Air Studios. By utilising the technique of ultra-close mic-ing the movement of each single string was captured. This resulted in a very detailed, yet intimate sound that is responsible for the hyperrealism of the sound of the music. As can be heard in the track ‚Main Theme‘.

Some impressions

„The strings were recorded through the analog desk and recorded onto tape machine to capture the most organic of sound.“

Air Studios