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Joachim Lang


Zeitsprung Pictures


About the project

« Brecht’s Three Penny Film » is an adaptation to the screen of his world-famous « Three Penny Opera ». The film tells young Berthold Brecht’s sudden and unexpected rise to fame following the premier of the « Three Penny Opera », followed by his unsuccessful but true attempts to adapt his « opus major » to the big screen, until Hitler’s rise to power and Brecht’s departure to America puts a halt to his plans.

The film features around 90min of original music composed by Walter, orchestrated by Matt Dunkley (Interstellar, Dunkirk) and performed by the 88-piece SWR Symphony Orchestra.

The music was awarded the New York Film Festival price.

Some impressions


Die Welt

„This excellent film is a think piece, a portrayal of the times, and a musical all in one.“

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„Lang’s film version takes a fresh approach, staging its story around Brecht’s original film treatment… „

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