The Same Sky


Oliver Hirschbiegel




Sofia Helin, Tom Schilling


About the project

Academy Award nominee Oliver Hirschbiegel, who has already brought films like ‘Downfall’ and, most recently, ‘13 Minutes’ to the screens, once again dedicates himself with ‘The Same Sky’ to another important chapter of contemporary German history, the 1970s.

The scripts were written by Paula Milne, one of the most inventive writers in British TV (The Politician’s Wife, White Heat, The Virgin Queen).

East Germany (GDR), 1974. Lars Weber — young, ambitious and impenetrable — will soon have to prove his loyalty to his country; the 25-year-old knows that every step forward in the GDR comes with strings attached.

For Lars, this means being sent to West Berlin as an East-German ‘Romeo’ agent. His mission is to seduce women working in sensitive positions in the West. One of them is Lauren Faber, a high-ranking British intelligence officer and lonely single mother of a rebellious teen.

Some impressions


New York Times

„The harsh toll that the espionage takes on the spies themselves unspools amid picture-perfect art direction, while a story line about the human toll of an East German doping program targeting teenage athletes is more chilling still. If you like “The Americans” or “Deutschland 83,” you’ll want to savor these six hourlong episodes.“

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The Guardian

„From seduction workshops to chat-up labs, The Same Sky is an electifying look at the tactics used by the East German secret police to get intel from the west. Prepare to go deep under cove.“

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„The six-hour series, written by British author Paula Milne, portrays the fate of two families on either side of the Berlin Wall. The action revolves around the relationship between an East German “Romeo” agent – a spy who uses seduction as a way to unearth secrets — and his female target in the West.“

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The Hollywood Reporter

„The Cold War drama from ‚Downfall‘ director Oliver Hirschbiegel stars Tom Schilling (‚Generation War‘) and Sofia Helin (‚The Bridge‘).“

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