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Martin Freeman

About the project

The true story of Jack, the “soldier dog”, who became a WWI hero. Lying wounded, he reflects on mankind, having witnessed the horrors of war versus his love for Arthur, his handler. ‚Jack‘ won multiple Awards at international film festivals including the Clermont International Film Festival in 2021. Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, Black Panther) beautifully conveys the inner voice of ‚Jack‘.

The above clip shows a small section of the film.


To capture the setting of World War I, Walter opens the score by utilising eerie textures recorded on violin, viola and cello. The strings perform extended playing techniques that can best described as Scandinavian ’noir‘ soundscapes, creating a strong sense of longing and dread. A memorable melody performed on piano forms the foundation of the soundtrack as it transcends from a lighter, heart-felt opening sequence of the dog training camp into the dark awakening at the trenches. For the more intimate sounding string recordings Walter worked with Joni Fuller who has made a name for herself performing beautiful lyrical motifs as well as creating darker and haunting textures, all performed live on various string instruments.

The score also uses woodwinds to support strings by adding the sound of a warm wave weaving in and out of certain cues.

For the saddest moment in the film a piano would have been too big, too important in sound. The recording of a harp played very quietly & faint produced just the right amount of ‚moving air‘ this scene required.

„… with an evocative and brilliantly executed soundtrack by composer Walter Mair“


Some impressions

“A heartfelt story until the very last minute.”