The List


Klaus Huettman


Imagination Worldwide


Sienna Guillory, Clive Russell


About the project

Directed by Palme d’Or nominated director Klaus Huettmann and BAFTA nominated production company NOW Films, ‘The List’ is a political thriller that charts the battle between the creator of a popular website which outs corrupt individuals and an assassin who starts executing those who get to the top of the list.

The film stars Sienna Guillory (‘Resident Evil’), Clive Russell (‘Sherlock Holmes’), Rebecca Ferdinando (‘X-Men: First Class’), Bill Paterson (‘Miss Potter’) and Anthony Flanagan (‘Shameless’).

Synopsis: The List is an internet site onto which viewers can vote corrupt politicians and executives. Publicity as a social deterrent. The response is huge. For Christopher Corwin and his small agency the website is the breakthrough to success. Shortly after the launch of the site, the Number One on the list is executed.

Some impressions