Shark Bait


James Nunn


Altitude Film Entertainment


Holly Earl, Jack Trueman

About the project

Directed by James Nunn (One Shot, Tower Block), the film follows a group of spring-breakers enjoying a weekend in Mexico. After a big night of partying on the beach until dawn, the friends steal a couple of jetskis and take them out to sea, but end up in a horrific head-on collision.

After one of the jetskis sinks, the group finds itself stranded two miles from land on one remaining, broken-down jetski, and struggling with a badly injured friend. With no clear way home and predators circling in the choppy waters below, the true horror begins.

Holly Earl (Doctor Who, Beowulf) and Thomas Michael Flynn (Bridgerton) star in Shark Bait. The film is produced by Andrew Prendergast and Chris Reed who produced the hit-movies ’47 Meters Down‘ and ‘The Courier’.


For the soundtrack Walter worked with the London Contemporary Orchestra (Radiohead, ‘Alien Covenant’, ‘Susperia’) to create 1000 bars of unique sounding rhythmical patterns and textures.

Walter would then process parts of the recordings with modular synths and analog effects. A variety of dark and haunting textures were created using a selection of synths. The final stage was the recording of a large-scale orchestra to add size & weight to the score and enhance the main themes.

The below Making-Of video gives insight into the whole scoring process: from the LCO performing avant-garde playing techniques to the large orchestra recording sessions and creative sound mangling. 

The soundtrack was released on Lakeshore Records and is available on all major platforms

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For the action sequences and fast-paced scenes Walter recorded an array of percussive instruments as well as beats and patterns produced with his extensive modular-synth setup. These were blended with the orchestral performances to add to a pulsating and forward-moving soundtrack.

„Shark Bait has amazing music and I can’t wait because music gets me into it even from an acting perspective.“

Holly Earl – lead actress

Some impressions

“A nail-biting ride that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats until the very last minute.”

Bloody Disgusting

“Shark Attack Carnage!“


„With its unexpected twists and turns, Shark Bait has the DNA to become the next guilty pleasure that speaks to everyone’s desire not to get devoured.“


„Holly Earl in pure, wicked magnetism“

The New York Times



„It truly feels like a loving homage to Steven Spielberg’s classic horror.“

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Eye For Film

„With its glossy photography, conventionally attractive stars and pulsing soundtrack, Shark Bait is aiming to thrill … it delivers well in the action scenes and, critically, presents the shark as an animal with a mind of its own rather than just a generic monster, making this a psychological as well as a physical battle between predator and prey.“

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Bloody Disgusting

„There’s enough of an upswing in Shark Bait to inspire hope for the future. Nunn oversees enough bloody gore and special effects competency to rise above other indies that mistake Steven Spielberg’s Jaws for splish-splashy child’s play.”

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