Killzone: Mercenary


Guerrilla Games


Sony Entertainment Europe

Music by

Walter Mair


About the project

Music composition for Sony’s AAA video game. More than 2 hours of original music were written for this epic title. The music utilizes a palette of different instruments ranging from big orchestra to twisted synths and heavily processed sounds, blurring the lines between music and sound design. 80 minutes of the music were recorded at Air Studios to elevate the production quality to the highest level possible.

‘Killzone: Mercenary’ received amazing reviews and has a Metacritics Score of 8.8/10

‘The music for Killzone: Mercenary needed to span from ambient tones that conveyed the mood of the locations to high action cues and all in-between, whilst having signature sounds for both the ISA and Helghast. Not such an easy task, but Walter managed this with ease, creating a tone that fitted the story arch perfectly.’

Alastair Lindsay – head of music – Sony Entertainment

Soem Impressions



Mair said: „Glue was a fantastic experience that required me to leave the picturesque countryside of England behind and dive into a gloomy and sinister England. „The music focuses on the relationship between the main characters and their playful and emotive nature, which ultimately heads into much darker territory.“

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„Rightly recognised for its quality, Killzone Mercenary’s score is a palette of different instruments, ranging from big orchestra to twisted synths and heavily processed sound, blurring the lines between music and sound design.“

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The Audio Spotlight

„I drilled holes into the corpus of a cello and put metal tubes through them. These were hollow on the inside and filled with objects such as shrapnel and other metal parts. When played back, the cello produced these amazing overtone heavy resonances you wouldn’t normally ge.t“

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Game Insider

Ivor Novello nominated and Telly award winning composer Walter Mair scores Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s (SCEE) highly acclaimed PS Vita title, Killzone: Mercenary. Walter Mair’s music for the latest installment in the blockbuster series reflects a new story set in the Killzone universe and captures the emotional drama, fear and undying courage of war. The official soundtrack is now available for digital download via Sony Entertainment Network.

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„I knew I wanted to use unique sounds paired with more classical sounds and in order to do so I would even custom-build instruments. A game of this magnitude deserves its very own sound.“

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Video Game Music Score 4.5/5

„This music is mixed like you are really in an industrial warzone kind of setting. I highly recommend the Killzone Mercenary Soundtrack for music lovers, as there is action, suspense and an incredible connection to the gameplay.“

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