Empire: Total War


The Creative Assembly



Music by

Walter Mair


About the project

The majority of music was written for the epic battle scenes which build the core of this epic game. The music always reflects the empire that is being controlled by the player, ranging from lush orchestral arrangements for European Empires such as Great Britain or France, to epic battle drums for the Ottoman Empire. The epic soundtrack features the 80-piece Bratislava Symphony Orchestra that, together with ethnic instruments such as duduk and ney flute, were recorded by renowned sound engineer Peter Fuchs (‘Iron Man 3’, ‘Star Trek’) at the Slovak Radio Concert Hall.

The soundtrack received great reviews from leading games magazines. IGN: ‘The music fits the martial tone of the game perfectly and definitely helps players get into the mood for the setting’, and gives the sound a glowing 9/10 score.

Soundtrack available on iTunes and Amazon

Orchestra recording

Some impressions