Christy O’Donnell


About the project

Christy O’Donnell is a singer and actor best known for ‘Find Me In Paris’ and ‘Moon Dogs’. Christy acted and performed in James Kermack’s action thriller ‚Knuckledust‘ and in 2021 Amazon Music added Christy to their prestigious list of artists to watch out for in 2021.

‚The Closer I Get To You‘ was written for an emotional and intricate scene in the movie ‚Knuckledust‘. Walter produced the song and orchestrated/arranged strings which were later recorded live with additional orchestration from Matt Hawken.

A stirring debut from the Glaswegian artist the song is a gentle, heartfelt note to a past lover. Predominantly featuring a delicate acoustic guitar and Christy’s incredibly dynamic, tender vocals, it also features string sections as it moves through captivating chord changes, which seem to mirror Christy’s changing mood throughout the song.