Killzone: Mercenary

Music composition for Sony's AAA video game. More than 2 hours of original music were written for this epic title. The music utilizes a palette of different instruments ranging from big orchestra to twisted synths and heavily processed sounds, blurring the lines between music and sound design. 

Killzone received amazing reviews and Alastair Lindsay (head of audio @ Sony) said:

"The music for Killzone Mercenary needed to span from ambient tones that conveyed the mood of the locations to high action cues and all in-between, whilst having signature sounds for both the ISA and Helghast. Not such an easy task, but Walter managed this with ease, creating a tone that fitted the story arch perfectly." 

100% TheSixthAxis
"’s an experience that will stick with you for a long time, much like GoldenEye, Call of Duty 4 and other revolutionary shooters have managed in the past, and one entirely worthy of its acclaim."

90% Eurogamer
"Without any doubt Killzone Mercenary is one of the best games available for Play Station ..." 

85% IGN
"Mercenary is a truly great shooter, one that was crafted with the hardcore shooter fan in mind. There’s a lot to love here ... from its deep Contracts mode to its engaging multiplayer functionality."


  • Publisher : Sony
  • Developer : Guerrilla Games
  • Music Composer : Walter Mair
  •  :

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